PU Castors

pu Castors

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PU Rollers

Industrial Application

  • PU Castors     
  • Hardness : shore A 90- Shore D 85  
  • High strength  Under rubber hardness, its strength and loading capacity is much better than rubber. Under high hardness, its impact resistance and flexibility are much better than plastic.  
  • Excellent anti-abrasion performance  it is about 3-5 times of rubber. 
  • Oil resistance  Polyurethane is a strong polar polymer compoundIts affinity with non-polar oil is very slim, so there is almost no erosion in fuel oil and mechanical oil.
  • Good elasticity, it could be as buffering or dampers.
  • The metal part strongly bonds with PU. It won’t break out. It could also be oil resistance, water-proof or anti-solvent.   

           We could produce different type of castor or heavy loading rollers according to clients requirements. If you need any caster, pls contact us by mail pepson@china.com