PTMG type PU prepolymer TDI system

PTMG type PU prepolymer  TDI system

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PTMG type PU prepolymer  TDI system

Casting type Polyurethane prepolymer is a macromolecule middle compound material whose molecule main chains are with more NHCOO group. After reaction with chain Extender and sulfuration,  it could be polyurethane elastomer.  Basing on long term professional reach,mass of proudction  and clients usage testing, PEPSON brand prepolymer is matching with the market very well.  

PEPSON brand prepolyer properties:

1、good physical and mechanical properties, 
2、Hardness range: 0A-85D, 
3、casting or manual operation,
4、workable under normal temperature or high temperature , 
5、long term storage and good stability ,
6、various type and widely usage  , 
7、professional technic guide , 
8、prepolyer being adjustable as clients’ requirement.  

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