The Structure of PU Conveyor Belts


PU conveyor Belt is made from scientifically tested recipe. It not only has the character of being oil resistant, cut resistant, corrosion resistant, but also possess the advantages of being non-poisonous, fragrant fee and easy to clean.

Since PU conveyor belt can meet the standard for food hygiene it is widely applied in food manufacture. What are the basic structures inside these conveyor belts?

The Structure of PU conveyor Belts

Plastic surface

PU conveyor belt surface is mainly made from fragrant free and non-poisonous raw material to meet the standard of food manufacture. For example, some conveyor belt are made transparent with even surface texture so to enable the direct contact between food belt

Belt core and lower surface

Belt core and lower surface are made from artificially synthesized PU fabric with great hardness, so that in the process of food transportation the conveyor belt can maintain the required pulling force. This also means our PU conveyor belt is not only wear-resistant but also has long life expectancy.

Conveyor belt connector

The head part of PU conveyor belt connector usually uses the “tooth connection” method, which is the current international convention.This ensures an even surface and seamless connection. Moreover, its high temperature melting connect can match perfectly with the belt surface and enable the consistent tensile strength though out the belt in the process of conveyor.

The above three parts are the main structures of PU belts. High quality material used in food conveyor is crucial in preventing food contamination and PU conveyor belt undoubtedly meet this requirement. More importantly,PU conveyor belts greatly improve the safety level of the production process while keeping the cost economically affordable in food manufacture.