PU squeegee | urethane squeegee | urethane scraper- 65A

PU squeegee | urethane squeegee  | urethane scraper

Product Category
PU Squeegees

Industrial Application

  • 100% safe, environmentally friendly, high quality material
  • Strict quality standards ensure excellent quality and precise parameters
  • The blade is smooth and free of bubbles
  • Extremely wear-resistant, anti-stamping and tear resistant
  • Extremely oil - proof, grease, volatile oil, etc
  • Aging resistance and radiation resistance
  • It can resist trichloroethylene, rosin oil, toluene , isoamyl acetate and other industrial solvents. High performance wiper is resistant to 783 solvents, cyclohexanone and other high solubility solutions
  • Hardness:40A-90A

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