Strengths of PU Supergrip conveyor Belt









PU supergrip conveyor belt (with pattern added) has the characteristics of accurate conveyor and making minimal noise. Its compact structure enhances conveyor quality; it is also oil and moist resistive; it doesn’t require complicated lubrication process. This category of conveyor belt has a range of sizes and types for customers to choose. PU supergrip conveyor belt is made from polyurethane material, with its inner skeletal structure made form steel wire and aramid fiber, which ensure high quality performance and accurately smooth conveyor in both transportation and conveyor. Here we will introduce the special strengths of PU supergrip conveyor belt

Firstly, its high chemical and physical stability are unaffected by climate or temperature.

This type of PU supergrip conveyor belt has high physical stability; it can function normally in both extremely low and high temperatures. Moreover, it has an remarkable resistance to oil, ozone and static electricity. It is also unaffected by climates. All this are the unique advantage of PU supergrip conveyor belt.

 Secondly, it is very durable

Ordinarly supergrip conveyor belt are lower in tensile strengths comparing to that which is made from PU. PU supergrip conveyor belts are heat-resistant as well as corrosion resistant, which make them particularly durable. Excellent flexibility and durability of PU supergrip conveyor belt makes the production process safe. Its resistance to wear and cut ensures the long-term stability and conveyor accuracy of the production line.

 Thirdly, it is environmentally friendly.

In recent years, China has put in increasing effort in promoting environmentally friendly products. PU supergrip conveyor belts are considered health and environmally friendly products. They meet the standards set up by the environmental management system and have passed the relevant quality certification. They can work for long hours under awful working conditions without bringing pollution to the environment. They produce no waste to the environment in their normal working procedure. High quality supergrip PU conveyor belt has even greater practical use and excellent performance.

Above are the power strengths of PU supergrip conveyor belts summarized. This product are widely applied in car manufacture industry and electrical appliances industry as well as agricultural machines making industry. Their contributions are irreplaceable. For instance, in the production of devices for car making, printing, textile industry and carving facilities PU supergrip conveyor belt has unequivocal dominance. This is but a glimpse of its wide and powerful applications.